A History of the Licensed Victuallers’ School at Slough

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This history was originally published on my blog ‘Ramblings of an Old Bloke‘ and moved here in 2018. There is also a link to a video at the end.


This History was written in 1969 when I was teaching at Licensed Victuallers’ School in Slough.

The following, unpublished, History from the foundation of the School in 1803 up to 1969 was gleaned from the minutes of the governors in the school. It is a bit ‘warts and all’ and this may have prevented it’s publication at the time.

Slough has undergone massive changes since 1969 and the reader should keep in mind that any reference to ‘now’ means ‘in 1969’.

The site is now occupied by a Tesco supermarket and the later Royal Hotel opposite the school gate is no more.

The School itself moved to Ascot in the 1980s .

Introduction to The History

In the Borough of Slough, Buckinghamshire stands a cedar tree. To the rear of that tree there is a group of buildings, some old, some new. These buildings, and the grounds which surround them, make up the Licensed Victuallers’ School. The real School, however, is not made of bricks and mortar, but of the pupils and staff who live and work inside the buildings, and those who have been fortunate enough to do so since its foundation.

The school opened in 1803 in the London of George III and has continued without a break since then. But the world has changed much and the school with it.

This is the story of the Licensed Victuallers’ School from that day to this; a story of buildings and of people and of the life and times in which they existed.

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