Chapter 7. The end of an Era

In 1920, Albert, Duke of York, who was later to become George VI, visited the School. In the speech by the Governor it was pointed out that “The cost of the upkeep of the school is £14,000 a year and it seems best to move out to the country, when a suitable site can be obtained, so that the health of the children can be maintained at its highest standard and also to enable us to teach the senior boys gardening, agriculture etc, so useful to our young folk, the future citizens of this great empire.”(cheers)

The Duke, in his speech, agreed with the idea and as always in such cases, the idea was credited to him.

Without further ado, a site with a suitable building on it was purchased in Slough and the London building sold to the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) who still (in 1969) occupied the building, the facade of which is retained under a preservation order. Now called ‘Imperial Court’!

So ended an era and perhaps, what is more important, the stigma of “Institution” began to diminish with the move.

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